Custom Cleaning Plan

Personalized services for all of our customers

We understand that maintaining a well-cleaned home isn’t easy when you have a busy schedule. Thankfully, our team can customize your house cleaning services to meet your needs. From the tasks on our cleaning plans to the frequency of service, we can be flexible with your budget and cleaning needs.

Some of the most common custom cleaning preferences of homeowners include:

  • Limiting the use of disinfectants
  • Focusing on reducing allergies
  • Using specific cleaning products
  • Avoiding specific rooms
  • Avoiding specific furnishings

Sterling Maids recognizes the importance of your home and its furnishings. That’s why we accommodate your preferences as best as we can. In fact, our Sterling Maids cleaning methodology is developed to handle special requests in order to deliver the perfect cleaning service for each of our customers.

We can work with your schedule

Our scheduling methods are designed to be flexible. Most of our customers prefer their homes to be cleaned on a weekly or every other week basis, but we can provide services as infrequently or often as you’d like. We also provide one-time cleanings for special events.

Quality services that work with your budget

By adjusting your custom cleaning plan, we can provide personalized house cleaning services that fit your budget. Best of all, because, Sterling Maids offers services on a no-contract basis, you can change your cleaning plan if your budget or needs change. We’ll work with you to deliver the best clean possible so you can enjoy peace of mind and more free time.

Contact us at  571-733-3055  to learn more about how we can customize your cleaning plan to meet your needs.